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The land of pandavas as per the legend had Indraprastha as its capital and it has a rich mix of heritage and culture. Located in the banks of River Yamuna, the city of Delhi has come up as India’s soul in the purest form. It is no less a cosmopolitan city but also expresses the truest essence of the country where people from all over the country have arrived to live. The population of delhi is quite diverse representing culture from almost all parts of the country and the subcontinent, providing due recognition to the city of this great nation.

The city of Delhi is the representation of the modern façade of India’s contemporary culture, where a past which is glorious is blended with the modernized fabrics. Delhi has come to be known as a place where the rudiments of history and the culture of those times are now a part of everyday life of the people. There are many remnants of archeological important belonging to medieval as well as ancient india in this city which was destroyed about 7 times but still gives a glorious example in the form of a living monument.

Plenty of buildings designed by the great architect of the British, Edwin Lutyens, are present in the city and these are attributes of the greatness of the city of delhi. Some of the marvels of this great architect are there in Delhi of which the Rashtrapati Bhawan located in the Raisina hills along with the sprawling Mughal Gardens can be considered to be the best in the category. Another  complex that cannot be given a miss while talking about Delhi is that of the JNU, which is an university of India, that doesn’t have any comparisons and is the prestige of the country, as it gives prominence to a number of great Indians.

Because of the status of Delhi as the national capital, a number of famous brands are having their outlets in the city. Their sprawling buildings and the cadre of executives with lineage of qualifications are a proof of the changing face of the country’s as well as the city’s heritage. Communication and the transportation facilities are of the sophisticated standard here. The roads are wide and the public transport system is one of the best in the country.

In the present times, Delhi represents the best place with a mix of tradition, power, culture and politics. The city is the best location to have the clearest idea about how the Indian society is.

Haridwar -139 km

In hindi, the name Haridwar means Gateway to God literary. By Hair is meant the almighty God while the other half Dwar denotes gate. Haridwar is located in Uttarakhand state which is a sacred site for the hindu followers where people from many other faiths and beliefs arrive for their pilgrimage. Flull fledged portrayal of the culture and civilization of India is seen in haridwar. In the Indian mythological society, there are mentions of Haridwar as Kapilsthan, Gangadwar and Mayapuri, which was the city’s name even in the older times.

River Ganga comes down the mountains and flows across the plains at the border of Haridwar from where the flow continues till the plains. This city is also the starting point for the Char Dham or the four centres of religious importance such as Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri, each place having its beautiful experience. Among the old beliefs, it has been repeated time and again that the dip in the Ganges can help wash away sins and lead to salvation.

Situated at 249.7 mts is the city of haridwar which has an area of spread of 2360 sq km, where the climatic conditions are hot during summers and cold during winters. There are no problems in the reaching to the different cities because of good road and railway connections.

Rishikesh -156 kms

Where the sacred meeting point of Chandrabhaga and Ganges is present, there is the town of Rishikesh. The view is very attractive with the city present at the lower Himalayan foothills in Uttaranchal. This holy city is known to be the gateway to the other religious centres such as Gangotri, kedarnath, yamunotri and badrinath

By the name of Rishikesh is meant the Lord of Senses, who is also known as Lord Vishnu and blessings are on the land in the form of Ganges. Plenty of temples and ancient shrines are found in the city where more than thousands of believers arrive for carrying out many religious ceremonies in the town by uttering prayers which they believe can lead to attainment of salvation.

Some of the important attractions in Rishikesh are Nilakanth Mandir, Gita Bhawan, Swarga Ashram and the Lakshman Jhula as well as the Triveni Ghats, all of which have much religious significance. The city of rishikesh and the neighouring cities of Dehradun and Mussoorie that has all the ingredients required to make a holiday successful.

Plenty of centres for the practice of yoga are found in Rishikesh, making it suitably being named Yoga Capital of World, where activities and training on Yoga and various spiritual programs are carried out. The location is perfect for attainment of peace and solitary satisfaction. Activities related to water sports such as white water rafting, and various adventurous activities like trekking in wild forests are being done in Rishikesh.

Dehradun – 173 kms

Among the cities which are oldest in the country, Dehradun is one which is having colonial houses that are not only pretty but also confer a brightness to the surrounding. Lying in the Himalayan ranges is this town of histories, which presently serves as the capital city of the new state of uttarakhand. A city that sprawls wide with various places which are speckled with picturesque sights, has attracted hordes of picnickers. There are plenty of gardens and parks and the beautiful landscapes as well as temples in these places.

Dehradun formed an important region under the rulers of former Garhwal. It consists of hilly landscapes which was known in ancient times as the place of Drona, who was famous as the Guru of the Kauravas. Plenty of legends are related to this city, with most of them being in relation to the Mahabharata epic.

The hill town also has credentials attributed to the field of information and knowledge. The land has academic institutions which are well known throughout the world with some of these being present since the era of Britishers. The classiness of the city comprises of a range of boarding schools of great quality, and is a city full of hustle and bustle.

Pictorial town of dehradun is a place which is a suitable place for people who are interested in indulging in risky adventures in life, with the city offering an array of escapades such as skiing, paragliding, river rafting, angling, and can fascinate the best of the adventure lovers.

Dehradun tour is sure to bestow a charisma that is unforgettable and has sceneries that are impeccable which is sure to leave an unforgettable impression in the minds of people. The ingredients that can mesmerize people are the deep ravines, gushing streams, contoured mountains and the lustrous valleys that can put anyone’s breath to be held involuntarily.