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The climate of meerut is having an influence of the subtropical region which is humid and has the characteristics of a hot summer and winters which are cool. The summer season starts from beginning of April and lasts till June end, during which the temperature is quite high to the extent of 43 deg C and climate is very hot. Rains start during the monsoon season which starts from late June  and is seen to extend till middle September. The temperatures are lower in rains and high humidity is usual with cloud cover all around. A slight rise in temperature is found which starts from October to give the beginning of winter season that extends up to middle of March. The temperature which has been recorded as the lowest is 0.5 deg C. The rainfall measurement ranges from 80-100 cm every year, which allows the crops to grow, mostly during monsoon. Humidity factor varies from as low as 30% to high of 100%. No snow is found in the city.