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In the western part of Uttar Pradesh, one among the industrial towns is Meerut, at a distance of about 85 kms from Delhi. Most of the industrial units of sports items in India are found in Jalandhar and Meerut. After partition, these industries were started after people from Pakistan, mainly Sialkot cross over and made a base in these two cities. These people had knowledge of making items related to sports and this went on in their families since long. Units started by such people and other entrepreneurs have made a name for themselves as famous brands, and are getting plenty of orders from shops in India as well as abroad.


60% of the sports industries are found in Jalandhar presently while Meerut is able to supply about 20% of the demand and the remaining 20% is catered to by the rest of India units. Most of the units in Meerut depend on the transportation of goods through the road because of the railways not been cost effective and time effective.

Support institutions

In order to help and promote the industries related to sport goods, UPSIDC which was formed as an undertaking of the UP state government, gave out a piece of land for making of a sports complex by the units in places like Delhi and Meerut road. Inside this complex are about 23 units presently and 15 of these are involved in sports goods manufacturing. Within a radius of about 20 kms around Meerut city, more than about 1000 small scale units can be found mostly concentrated in the regions of Jangethi, Abdullahpur, Naibasti, Mukampur, Daurala and Malayana. Plenty of job opportunities have been provided by the manufacturing units to the tune of 12000 people. Most of these manufacturing units are not liable to cause any pollution apart from those which are involved in tanning of leather. These industries have been actively supported by sports ministry as well as the ministry of industries under the government of India, and a Development Commissioner was selected to head the Product Cum Process Development Centre, which was set up under the Department of SSI and ARI, which came under the ministry of industry. It was set up with the aim to cater to the service, training, testing and facilitate people with variety of jobs in the sports units. Two associations were also formed taking up members from these units and are All India Sports Goods Manufacturing Federation with membership of 230 and the Indian Industries Association with only 15 members. The work of these institutions was to look after the dissemination of information to the members and help in reaching of the word to upper levels. Regular meetings are to be arranged by these associations where issues regarding the members and manufacturing units are discussed. Financial assistance and loans are provided by many nationalized and private banks such as Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of India, etc have their branches in the city of Meerut. Another state government body for finances which si PIC-UP, UPFC also is having offices here.


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