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Muzaffarnagar :

Muzaffarnagar in the State of Uttar Pradesh is a big city with municipality, which had its establishment from the era of the Mughals by Munawar Lashkar Ali who was a Sayyid Jagirdar, who named the city according to his father’s name, Muzaffar Ali Khan. This city is also the Muzaffarnagar district’s headquarters. It is a well known centre for the manufacturing of steel and sugar in the north of india.

The city is located at the centre of the Dehradun and Delhi National Highway no. 58, and has good connections to the network of the railways.

Ghaziabad :

The district of Ghaziabad is a well known and large district in the state of Uttar Pradesh in North India in the National Capital Region, of which, the headquarters of administration is in Ghaziabad city. This is a district that belongs to the division of Meerut. The region has become established as a residential community for delhi.

As per the census of 2011, the district of Ghaziabad was the 3rd highest populated one in uttar Pradesh after those of Allahabad and Moradabad.

Bijnor :

Other spellings of this city are Bijnaur and Bijnour, which is a board of municipality in the district of bijnor in Uttar Pradesh in india and serves as the headquarters of the district of Bijnor. As per the census on 2011, the Bijnor district is considered as a Minority Concentrated District of India.

Not much history is known for this city. There are some mentions of the district of Bijnor in the Mahabharata. A vidur kuti can be found here. Bijnor was a part of the mughal empire when the mughal emperor was akbar.