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Meerut Municipal Corporation in a body under the system of local Governance which is also known as the urban local body. Different types of ULBs are found in the state belonging to different categories of which the one in Meerut is known as the Nagar palika form of ULB. The local body was brought into existence by the constitutional process provided in the constitution which was provisioned by the Constitution of India. As per the 74th Amendment, it was postulated by the government and the parliament  in 1992 that the ULBs should be formed within the framework of the constitution. Then the government in Uttar Pradesh brought about necessary changes in the Act which controlled the urban local bodies.

These bodies are found in the state of uttar Pradesh and in many other states also and all of them have the governance as per the rules laid down in the so called constitution. Gradually these rules brought about the introduction of a good system of governance in the smaller areas and in the long run, these proved to be better way of controlling the systems going on in the town. Many cities in Uttar Pradesh are governed by such rules and meerut is one of such cities in the state. The urban local bodies have been successful providing a good hold over the local governance. Elected representatives from the different wards in the city are brought together to define rules and regulations governing the body. There are many such representatives and a full fledged elections occur in the city every year for the election of the officials in these bodies. The uttar Pradesh government has a ministry to deal with these issues and the bodies are under the direct control of the ministries who have to bind by the rules laid down in the state government.

Duties of Meerut Municipal Corporation :

  • The issue of lighting of the streets and creating a proper network of the lights in the city is to be controlled by the municipal bodies
  • The formation of the state finance commission is in the hands of the corporation which sets up the financial regulations and keeps a tab on the expenditure  
  • The water supply of the city is under its control and it strives to provide a proper network of the supply and maintains it so that the residents are supplied with sufficient amount of water fro their consumption  
  • Creation of Road network and its maintenance
    Provision of Other Civic Services like :
    • Registration of Birth And Death and issue of required certificates
    • Parks Development and Maintenance
    • Horticulture Development

    Telephone number of Meerut  Municipal Corporation:

    Mayor : 2663676(R), 2663673(R), 9412486088(M)

    Location of Meerut Municipal Corporation :