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Location : In the Western Uttar Pradesh, India
Climate : Summer 43°C to 30°C, Winter 25 °C to 5 °C
Best Time to Visit : October to March
Nearest Airport : Delhi Airport
Nearest Railhead : Meerut Junction
Must Visits : Sardhana, Hastinapur
Language Spoken : Hindi, Urdu and English
STD Code : +91-121

In the North India, the city of Meerut makes for an important town, which is having an elongated history to it and is situated in the western part of Uttar Pradesh. It belonged in earlier days to the empire of Hastinapur which was ruled by Kauravas during the time of vedic india and who were the protagonists in the Mahabharata epic. Again in the medieval times, the city became prominent when Timor the Lame tried to invade it even after many attempts to save the kingdom.

Again in the mid 19th century, the city came under storm because of its role in catalyzing the mutiny by the sepoys in 1857. In the meerut cantonment that the first opposition against the british orders was seen to be done by the British Army’s 24th Native Infantry. This mutiny gradually took the form of a revolt of large proportions which caused the empire of the britishers to shake a bit. This cantonment is still present in meerut.

Due to the regular rivalry between the muslims and hindus living in the area, communal riots have been commonly seen in the city, very frequently. Almost in every decade, there have been big riots in the city apart from the smaller ones which occur now and then. Even though the city has remained in the storm’s eye, it has brought about a change in the way people have left out the past and the town of meerut has gradually gone onto become a major town in the area, suitable for commercial activities. In india, smelting works and agriculture based units are mostly seen in Meerut. Also, this is the place where most of India’s sporting items and musical instruments have been found.  

Culture :

A number of festivals of india such as holi, diwali, Dussehra, Eid, etc are celebrated in this region with great pomp and show in the city. Nauchandi is a notable fair that is held in the city, immediately after the period of holi, for a duration of about 2 weeks every year. This fair began to be celebrated first in 1672 and is still be observed which is visited by people from far and wide and numbering into lakhs. There are many events, one of which is the recitation of poems in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, etc.

Some of the well known personalities from the city are Chitrangada Singh, Achint Kaur, Mandakini and Vishal Bharadwaj who is a famous director.


  • The initial name of meerut was Mayarashtra which meant the country of maya, who Mandodari’s father, and Ravana’s father in law in the epic of Ramayana. Meerut was the capital city of this country, which was also known as the “sasural of Ravana”.
  • Another legend is associated with the carrying of his weak parents by a sling on shoulders by Shravan Kumar, who went on pilgrimage to various places. While passing through meerut, he felt thirsty and for a moment kept his parents down to drink water. King Dasaratha, shot him mistaking him as a deer after which, the king was cursed by the parents that his first son would leave him, during the time of his greatest need.