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Meerut’s history has been full of a whole lot of eventful happenings. As a matter of fact Meerut has been a place of several outbreaks of many kinds for years. Delhi being closer to Meerut has contributed to its progress and development in a big manner. However, there has been a disadvantage too; Meerut witnessed myriad upheavals due to its easy access to Delhi. Inhabitants of Meerut like Tyagis, Vaishyas, Rajputs, Jats and Gujjars, were instrumental in the all-round progress of Meerut. The history of Meerut is an unending tale of hard work and dedication by them.

Meerut had to bear the burden and aftermaths of the invasions of Qutub-ud-din and Timur, A detailed study of Meerut's history will reveal this fact to us.

Meerut stood up with invincible courage and unshakable determination against its assailants during this demanding period. In the historical background of Meerut the Revolt of 1857 has a deep rooted significance. On 24th April 1857, eighty five cavalrymen of the third cavalry refused to even touch the cartridges as a result they were sentenced to ten years of imprisonment as a form of penalization. This day is remembered as an unfortunate day in the history of Meerut. This episode triggered the general uproar against the British oppression and that was to assume the proportion of the first Indian independence war.

The ripples created in the Indian society during the nineteenth century socio-religious reform movement did not exclude Meerut. Dayanand Saraswati, Colonel Olcott, Annie Besant and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, who happened to be the distinguished figures of this reform movement graced Meerut with their benign visits. The Arya Samaj Movement also gained momentum and popularity in Meerut, the history of Meerut reveals this for a fact. Meerut always had been a major place of cultural, religious, intellectual and political activities. During archaeological excavations that were carried out in the Alamgirpur Village, historical remains belonging to the Harappan civilization were unearthed thus fetching international prominence to Meerut. During the diggings an ancient well and painted grey wares, believed to be of the Mauryan Period were stumbled upon.