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District of Meerut lies in the Indo-Gangetic plains of India between 28°57’ to 29°02’ North latitude and 77°40’ to 77°45’ East longitude. It is bordered by Muzaffarnagar district on the north and by Bulandshahar district in the south while the southern and western limits are formed by Ghaziabad and Baghpat districts. The eastern boundary of the district is formed by the river Ganges and separates it from Moradabad district and Bijnor district. The western boundary is formed by the Hindon and it separates the district from Baghpat. With absolutely rock free ground, mountains are not to be found anywhere. Pleistocene and sub-recent alluvial sediments are found in the soil which are transported and deposited by river action from the Himalayan region. Alluvial deposits are unconsolidated in nature. Sediments consist of clay, silt and fine to coarse sand, lithologically. For growing crops like wheat, sugarcane and vegetables land is very fertile.