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The primary agency under the government of Uttar Pradesh to look after the development of meerut in a sustainable way and in planned manner is the meerut development authority.

Meerut development authority has taken over the work of drawing a chart for the planning of the city and executing it to effective implementation. Plenty of infrastructural and basic works are being undertaken by the Meerut development authority so that there is a development of the city, apart from looking after the conservation of the environment and the development of the areas which are primarily rural around the urban area.

It has been the far reaching effects of the objectives and the aims of the meerut development authority in both the short term and long term development. It is one of the plans of the meerut development authority to reduce the congestion by the increasing population. There is a proposal of a plan where the individuals per hectare would be restricted. A concept has been prepared where the population of the union territory of delhi and other regions of the NCR as well as a few parts of the states of rajasthan, Haryana and UP are to be brought under a steady pace of development.

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