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Former Minister of State for Urban Affairs and Employmenthad given proposal for the Ghaziabad to Meerut expressway in 1999 inside the LokSabhafor an action.The then Union Urban Development Ministerhad mentioned about that proposal in a 2000 seminar speech once again for action.

Having been notified in September 2005, the proposal for an expressway from Delhi to Meerut via Ghaziabad had been proposed under NCR Transport Plan 2021 planning. As per this plan the sector from Delhi to Ghaziabad section had to be initiated in 2001-11 while portions from Ghaziabad to Meerut had been scheduled for 2011-21 period. The Committee set on infrastructure had already given approval to study expressway feasibility in February 2006. An announcement was made in the 2006 budget speech after a decision was taken to develop an expressway for that the then finance minister P. Chidambaram mentioned that in 2006 budget speech. The approval was to construct a 1,000 km expresswayto be built under National Highway Development Program (NHDP) Phase-VI post November 2006 approval. The prioritization study which NHAI took up for NHDP Phase-VI for the first stage in December 2006 planned for 600 km of expressways meant to select from selected expressways also had mention of Delhi-Meerut expressway for primary initiative.

To decide expressway alignment various consultants were invited in April 2008 for suitable proposals to offer genuine solutions. According to a report from November 2009, alignment study was finally done. Soon after that a consultant had been involved to study further for project feasibility and its plan to ascertain that expectedly project gets completed maximum by May 2010 target. Expressway was finally targeted to be completed latest by December 2015 for that a report had come in August 2011itself. Likewise, another report came in October 2011as feasibility report that mentioning theprogress report so that NHDP Phase-VIproject could be taken to the next level. As per the proposed alignment it was planned to be built along NH-24 from Nizammuddin to Dasnato further extend to the Meerut region. A reaffirmation report came in December 2011 that December 2015 would be the fixed targetcompletion date for which a proposed feasibility report came from the appointed consultant who submitted the report after thorough study of proposal.

The report which came in May 2012pointed out that original target of awarding concession by the 2009-10 year failed completion because of numerous issues concerned to finalization alignment and so did feasibility report delays and their consequences were also discussed. The then prime minister appointed a Steering Group in July 2013for the acceleration of Infrastructure Investment to be fixed on 15 March 2014 considered last date to awardexpressway contracts.

Other report came in August 2013for the expressway project targetplanned for that financial year itself. New report came in in November 2013 to highlight stretching the expressway from Delhi to UP Gate for conversion from six lanes to fourteen lanes out of which six lanes grade-separated meant for Meerut bound traffic movement. Eight-lane stretch covering area from UP Gate to Dasnawas planned for eight lanebesides new six lane alignment planned for NH-58Dasna to Meerut bypass. An estimated amount of INR6450 crore (US$1.0 billion)was allocated for this project as total cost.

The Delhi-Meerut expressway proposal remains under thorough preparation stage to be considered as of December 2013before the Public Private Partnership Appraisal Committee. Out of the many proposals the Mohan Nagarflyover was proposed for 4710 m long viaduct at Modinagarbesides Murad Nagar’s 1710 m long viaduct. Planned from UP Gate to Partapur,this project was planned for NH-58 6-laningproject.